Recycled Picnic Benches

Evershed Products is the UK’s top supplier of recycled picnic benches that assist homeowners and park managers in protecting the planet. We produce excellently-designed seating that is durable and guaranteed to stand the test of time, regardless of how often it might come into contact with adverse weather conditions. We make use of picnic tables that would otherwise make their way into the rubbish bin. Our expert team renovates the items and comes up with lots of innovative designs before making the products available for purchase via this site.

With years of experience in the industry and a dedication to saving the planet, our design specialists at Evershed Products know how to create funky concepts that will suit every home or park in the country. We are the only company you need to call when purchasing recycled picnic benches in the UK, and customers tell us our products are some of the best they can find anywhere in the world.

Protecting the planet

When people choose to purchase brand new picnic benches from high street retailers, they often contribute to global issues like deforestation. That is something Evershed Products wishes to prevent as much as possible. So, buying one of our recycled picnic benches will not only help you to reduce spending and keep more money in your bank accounts. It will also mean you reduce the impact your family or business has on the ecosystem. If everyone in the world began using recycled products tomorrow, there is a decent chance that global warming and issues related to polluted or unclean air could become a thing of the past.

Durable and reliable products

Our recycled picnic benches are made to the highest of standards, and they are no less durable than anything you might purchase from a high street retailer. All our products offer the following benefits:

Maintenance Free
Strong and Stable
Resistant to Fungus

So, you can rest assured that our recycled picnic benches are a sound investment that will ensure you can enjoy your outdoor space without having to stress about harming the planet. If you plan to renovate your garden or park this summer, getting in touch with Evershed Products right now is the best option on the table.

Excellent customer service

The Evershed Products team prides itself on providing excellent customer service to anyone who gets in touch. If you have questions or queries about our products, do not hesitate to mention them to our staff. We can also make recommendations or offer advice if it’s required, and we aim to deliver all orders within a couple of days.

Evershed Products has been in business for more than twenty years, and during that time, we’ve established a fantastic reputation amongst those who use our products. We are a brand you can trust, and we look forward to discussing your order and making sure you get the most suitable recycled picnic benches for your renovation project this year. If you have any special requests, feel free to let us know.

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