Recycled Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers

Sustainability is becoming more important every day. Both homeowners and businesses are looking for ways to reduce the impact they make on the planet by reducing the amount of resources they waste. Two of the biggest methods of doing that is by saving trees and reducing landfill size. You can do both at once by buying Evershed Products’ recycled plastic and recycled polystyrene outdoor furniture.

Our range of products
We offer a wide variety of products as the most trusted recycled outdoor furniture manufacturers around. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you can benefit from expertly crafted picnic tables, benches and seating that help the environment. We also offer a wide range of recycled accessibility products to help make any property easier to access for those with limited mobility. If you’re looking for landscaping and gardening solutions, we also have a line of planters, planter boxes, raised beds, decking and fencing. If you don’t see the outdoor furniture you want amongst our line-up, that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. Evershed Products can also offer bespoke products direct to your specifications. We also produce our own recycled polystyrene profiles to other businesses looking to make use of more sustainable materials.

The benefits of going sustainable
The environmental benefits of recycled polystyrene are clear. For one, it’s an environmentally stable product. It doesn’t break down under UV exposure like other synthetic materials. Furthermore, the recycled raw material stops it from going to the landfill. It can be recycled again, too, when you’re finished with it, stopping waste even further. Compared to wood, no trees are felled in the making of any of our furniture, either.

Why choose recycled polystyrene
Compared to wood, which directly contributes to our ongoing deforestation crisis, and other materials that can contribute to landfill growth, our recycled polystyrene furniture and profiles also have plenty of practical advantages. For one, recycled polystyrene is one of the lowest-maintenance materials on the market when it comes to outdoor furniture. It’s entirely weatherproof without needing to be treated and regularly finished like wood. It’s entirely free from rotting, cracking, and splintering, as well as being completely impervious to fungal attacks. You don’t need to repaint, maintain, or preserve it at all. As soon as you get the furniture, it’s ready to use and will remain in great condition with any extra work from you.

About us
We are some of the foremost and the first recycled outdoor furniture manufacturers in the UK. A family business first formed in 1998, we have a track record of supplying hundreds of happy customers with not only high-quality outdoor furniture made from fully recycled materials but providing a high standard of customer service to go with it. With easy ordering, fast deliveries, and professionalism at our core, we strive to help customers in any way we can by making the process of buying and receiving your furniture as painless as possible.

Take a look at the whole range of products we offer through our galleries and get in touch with us. We can let you know within minutes how much delivery costs based on your location and how many items you need to be delivered so you don’t have to worry about any surprise fees.

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