Recycled Polystyrene Outdoor Furniture

Environmental degradation has reached epic proportions, with levels of wastage rising at an exponential rate in the fast-paced world that we inhabit. This is where Evershed Products come in, with our range of environment-friendly outdoor furniture, we provide functionality without the need for new materials.

Our goal is to diminish the use of new wood, to far remove our company from the threat of deforestation. Since our inception back in 1997, we have been committed to making quality recycled polystyrene outdoor furniture.

The material we use is completely bio-degradable and recyclable, standing as one of the most durable materials for commercial use. The polystyrene we use is tolerant to adverse weather conditions and thusly, requires little to no maintenance.

The outdoor furniture comes in various designs and colors. With a wealth of different finishes available, from faux wood effects, to modern colorful seats for children’s playgrounds. The paint is permanent and you won’t ever have to repaint it.

In fact, we design our products for rough public use and they are time tested for a long lifespan. If you are wondering about the recycling of polystyrene, we would like to inform you of our on-site facility in Bishop, Auckland, where we use advanced machinery to recycle polystyrene ourselves.

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